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Patrick Heraty, a.k.a Professor Heraty was an incredible supporter of my education and professional growth during my time at Hilbert College. He was one of my first business Professors at Hilbert and was always a great mentor to me inside and outside the classroom. Whether it was pushing me out of my comfort zone to grow as a leader or encouraging me to lead the business club my Freshman year, Professor Heraty was continually setting me up for success in the professional world. I learned a tremendous amount during my time spent with him such as professionalism, leading by example, and strategic thinking. I particularly enjoyed his highly recommended leadership books, which are still in my reading collection today! I am so lucky to have had a once-in-a-lifetime teacher like Professor Heraty that taught me so much and set me up for professional success as I grow in my Human Resources Management career.

Professor Heraty’s vast knowledge and personal/professional experience will make him an amazing business consultant for any organization that is lucky enough to connect with him!